A future project: we will work to create a map of what is on site and links to how these plants have been traditionally used.

As a general description, the approximately 1/4 hectare planted area that is managed by eartHand Gleaners Society at Trillium is  a fertile field of lupins, yarrow, cat tail, nootka rose,   BC varietal willows, spirea, snowberry, dogwood, junkus epheusus, lonicera and huckleberry.loom maythe field of lupin, iris and yarrow…

Aside from the permanent beds eartHand manages there are also a few areas with seasonal crops, or space for annual plantings…. most specifically  small crops of  Marylin Flax seed for linen to continue our research into local cloth production.IMG_2026A sidewalk planting bed of flax serves as  crop space between  the soccer fields and roadside.

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