Park Partners

EartHand Gleaners Society manages a section of this public park for ongoing  environmental-based  art, education and social engagement opportunities.

eartHand gratefully acknowledges the support of the Vancouver Park Board:

Arts Culture and Environment Team for ongoing project and administrative support

and Neighbourhood Matching Funds for the work created on site  in the spring 2015.

As well as ongoing assistance from Vancouver Park Board Operations and Nursery.

We are also pleased to acknowledge funds from Artstarts in Schools ( 2015)

and funding from BC Arts Council ( Arts-Based Community Development) for ongoing  Terroir Urban Cloth project  work related to the Trillium site (2014-5).

Our Community Partners Are:

Strathcona Elementary School

The grade 6/7 class at Strathcona shall be using the park as an outdoor classroom, specifically working with the EartHand artists at building the pollinator house, and having a planned butterfly release of the butterflies raised in the classroom in the early spring 2015. If you happen by the park and see a large group of children not there for soccer, you will know where they are from- and in the summer when you see native bees and butterflies pollinating our plants, you will know who to thank!

Environmental Youth Alliance ( EYA)

EYA continues to be big supporters of what we do, and is leading the way on all things “bee related” in the park. Co-teaching students about pollinators and  assisting in the creation of the pollinator house and helping in other ways to  spread the word about what is happening at  Trillium North Park.

Means Of Production Garden (MOP) and the  MOPARRC collective

Trillium North as a concept would likely not exist if not for the  work that has happened at  MOP in changing thinking about what a public, community garden and  urban common land-use can be. We owe a huge debt to trailblazer Oliver Kellhammer who started MOP. The artists who are at MOP now, are the artists who went on to  form EartHand Gleaners Society who manage Trillium North, and  much of the material grown at MOP shall be used in the first few years of getting projects off the ground at our new park.

Strathcona and RayCam Community Centres

We are happy to have community groups such as the Ray Cam youth group, the Strathcona Food Security Committee and the Strathcona After School Adventures program join us for  programming at the park.

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