June 6 Invitation

June 6th invitation Trillium North

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Spinning and Talking at Trillium N: grades 6 & 7

Our last day with Ms. Persoon’s class was   a hot early summer day at the end of May. Work and social circles included seed sorting Marigolds for dye versus planting and  spinning wool while a dye pot stewed…The  rake straw spinners and spinning wheel even came out- but it all got too busy to take pictures at the same time!

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Huddled under the shade canopies a few sessions of spinning, then  also seed sorting has unfolded in the last few weeks.IMG_4626

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pollinator house video

A beautiful new video by Martin Borden  documenting our Pollinator House project with Environmental Youth Alliance and Lord Strathcona Elementary School.

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Community Makers’ Social Nights

  Evenings in the park for June and July- join us!

Community Makers’ Social Nights

 Tuesday Nights 6-9 pm May 26- June 30

 Monday Nights 6-9 pm July 6-27

Bring your picnic dinner down to the park with any projects you are working on- whittling, knitting, spinning, weaving, mending or…? Don’t let those unfinished winter craft projects languish just because  it is the season to be outside- just bring the work outdoors,  meet some neighbours and be a part of a social work circle.

Nothing to work on but wish to come and participate? We have various community projects happening we would be happy to introduce you to and have your assistance with; from processing last years  linen crop to communal on-site weaving projects.

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Weaving and Dancing About to Begin

shoe weaving begins tonight, here is what Mirae Rosner is writing about as we gear up to this final part of our collaboration. The final performance is at Trillium North June 14

urbanclothproject: Terroir

A diverse and balanced crew is coming together for our spring activities with shoe weaving and dancing at Trillium North Park.  As we begin to weave shoes from local materials, I anticipate the continuation of a conversation we have been having for the past year around connection to place through the gathering and harvesting of essential materials.

I have been asking myself: how can I connect to this place through the work I do on the land?  Or conversely, how am I not connected to this place by virtue of my daily life, work, and relationship to food, clothing and shelter?

Partly, the answers to these questions have come in the form of the work itself – as I watch Tracy and Sharon delve into an excited think-tank of materials and techniques, I witness the development and sharing of knowledge that must be put into action in order to move into…

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like heritage days at an ‘old timey village’…

The last few weeks has found us working with both a class group of grade 6/7’s and an after school group. Doing various activities in the park or classroom such as rope making, splitting  cedar for   shakes, carding wool and spinning,  cutting and bending bamboo for joining,

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and general weaving  all towards making a pollinator house for bumble bees and mason bees with the skills we are sharing.

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Yesterday, after David  taught a group of kids how to split cedar into shakes with a froe and beetle, and I pulled some  young ones over to learn about wool and carding ( one of the after-school minders said,  this is real wool? like- not polyester?) I had a moment of realizing we are essentially building  an old school village in a very urban environment- I used to go to such places on field trips as a kid with school- everyone dressed in a form of period costume, and churned butter and such… I can’t help but wonder what memories we are building for these inner city kids ( and adults) that come to work with us! I will likely be remembered as the cow girl ( my  cowboy hat a necessity in the sun) who taught them weird stuff with wool, or plastic bags or  plant stocks- that suddenly became yarn, or rope and then housing for bees!  Our time at Trillium begins with  great success, much hard work, but huge enthusiasm – especially for the plastic bag rope we made as a group- that a full week later is still getting dragged out each recess for more play.

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The work continues, but so does the play, and next week our house should be done just in time to wake up the bees and show them the home we built for them!

More pictures of the work so far can be found on flickr here

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Spring Buzzscaping update

Lots of activity happening in the last month at Trillium. Getting our shipping containers kitted up for storage and work…

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And activating the space building the pollinator house!

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And time spent so far making our outdoor work space feel less institutional- one 9 year old girl who was helping weave the fence said we would look less like chickens in a cage when the weaving was done…

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And signage is now on the fence- letting folks now what we are all about…17-IMG_3705More outdoor work sessions ahead!

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