Art on Site

Artists working in the park with community means more art work will be created on site over time. We expect to have works  with various life spans. This page will be an archive for works found in the park.


Walking Wheel

artist: Arlin ffrench

Commissioned by EartHand Gleaners as a part of a Vancouver Park Board  Neighbourhood Matching Fund.

The walking wheel is a version of the great wheel- a wheel you walk away from after putting motion to the drive wheel. To the best of our knowledge this is the only wall mounted walking wheel every made in North America!

Arlin made it from recycled  shipping skids and bike parts. A skateboard wheel with groove carved serves as the pulley/whorl and marine cord is the drive band. It mounts outdoors in minutes for use when  desired and is stored indoors to protect it from ‘weather and mischief’.  Fibre we have spun to date includes various wool fibres, linen and nettle. Keep your eye out for ongoing demonstrations at our public events at the park. For more info about wheels visit the Spinning Wheel Sleuth.

Thanks to Penny Coupland for her research and inspiration to get this project in motion.

Rain Catchers

artist: David Gowman, with community  volunteers for carving at Maclean Park Fieldhouse.

carved from local paulownia wood the wooden  gutter runs along the edge of the shipping container and flows down into the collection barrel. Sealed with marine  paint.



artists: Sharon Kallis, David Gowman  with help from Jaymie Johnson

A space to pause and think about the colours of the current environment and visually observe  the colour and texture of the  seasonal plants in the garden beds. With potential for a new  colour tapestry each season.Earth Loom May 2015earth loom detailThe Pollinator House

A collaboration between eartHand Gleaners, Environmental Youth Alliance, Strathcona’s Grade 6/7 class.  Lead Artists: David Gowman, Sharon Kallis, Rebecca Graham, Bee Expert: Erin Udal” teacher: MaryAnn Persoon. eartHand Interns: Lisa Egan, Chloe Hight


(Thanks to Artstarts in Schools and Vancouver Park Board Neighbourhood Matching Funds)

Watch the stunning 4 minute video of the Pollinator House by Martin Borden


The first piece installed just after the park opened:

Rain Bench

artist: Heather Mitchell

         In the urban settings rain exists as a reminder that nature sometimes sneaks in and should be welcomed rather than controlled.


The artistic and aesthetic uniqueness in this bench lie in its ability to provide a pleasing and relaxing sound created from its roof system when it rains. The sound of gentle rhythmic rain soothe us, while the weight and accumulation of water pools excites our attention. The act of sitting in the rain is a reminder to slow down life and enjoy all moments in life. On each leaf there is a weight to provide a counter-balance with water. When the fabric leaves made from the BC Place roof tip and release their pools it breaks the tensions between those on the bench; evoking conversation inspired by nature. When these weights are lifted to dump the water, the weights of stress in ourselves is also lifted and released in this moment.

The Rain Bench was a community inspired project, in partnership with Emily Carr University, The David Suzuki Foundation and the Vancouver City Parks Board. Made of select recycled and upcycled components, the Rain Bench deliberately includes donated materials such as elements from BC Place’s former roof, and beetle kill wood from the Prince George region.


3 Responses to Art on Site

  1. Annerose Sims says:

    Why don’t we have more of these benches in our parks?


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