Take a look at the EartHand website events page or visit Earthand Gleaners  Society on facebook for a complete list of events.

Highlights for 2018 include:

Stewardship Sessions:

public stewardship sessions: Saturdays are 10am-1pm, Sunday sessions at 2-5pm

Sunday March 18, Saturday April 14, Sunday May 20, Sunday  June 17, Sunday July 15, Saturday August 11, Sunday September 9, Saturday October 13.

Stewardship sessions are lead by Jaymie Johnson. Meet our stewardship coordinator!

email earthandsteward(at) and find links for 2018 stewardship session reserved spaces here

Open Studio Sessions!

Summer evening at picnic tables, hands busy, meeting new people and sharing skills with each other is what this is all about. bring a project, or assist with an EartHand project. Monday Sessions hosted by Rebecca Graham, Fridays by Sharon Kallis

6-9pm, bring your own picnic dinner.

Fridays: June 22, 29, July 6, 13

Mondays: August 6, 13, 20, 27

Sunday May 13 1-4pm Community Groom and Spin Along!

Bring your furry friend needing a groom, a brush ( and leash) and we will have drop spindlers standing by to sample spinning your pets fur! find out about the Coast Salish history of the woolly dog, weave some fibre into our earthloom, learn how to spin on the great wheel or a drop spindle.

Saturday July 14- 10am-2pm, Forage and Fibre Walk: examining grasses for weaving.

Starting at the Means of Production Garden ( corner of East 6th and st Catherines) we walk to Trillium, investigating the plant fibres along the way- walking and spinning, ropemaking or weaving! expected arrival time at Trillium 12.30pm music with Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra

Friday August 10 5.30-8.30pm An evening stroll, again starting  from Means of Production garden- with lots of surprises and interactions along the way! This will be a larger celebration, a culmination of multiple walks and site investigations.

2016Festoonery 6 Red Black

family stewardship day

 Saturday March 26th  10am-2pm

weeding, planting and weaving day- join us!

At break time we will be dying eggs- bring your own if you want to take some home, or just enjoying cracking a brightly dyed hard-boiled egg as a quick snack….

more 2016 events  to be posted soon….


More events for  2015 are still being planned, so check back often!

Heart of the City Festival Open House at Trillium North

Sunday November 8th 12.30-2.30pm

poster nov 8



June 14 4.30-6.30 pm

Celebration time! Please join us as we celebrate the work since opening at Trillium North Park last summer:

Earthloom Pollinator House and Shade Weave complete, and  community dancers moving through the landscape wearing shoes woven from our foraged and grown fibres.

Plus, our first Site Singing of the song that the  Trillium land inspired: A work song by Squamish language holder Rebecca Duncan, a work-circle song to acknowledge the lessons we shall learn from  harvesting and working with the  plants on the land.

trill shoes

Community Makers’ Social Nights

 Tuesday Nights 6-9 pm May 26- June 30

 Monday Nights 6-9 pm July 6-27

Bring your picnic dinner down to the park with any projects you are working on- whittling, knitting, spinning, weaving, mending or…? Don’t let those unfinished winter craft projects languish just because  it is the season to be outside- just bring the work outdoors,  meet some neighbours and be a part of a social work circle.

Nothing to work on but wish to come and participate? We have various community projects happening we would be happy to introduce you to and have your assistance with; from processing last years  linen crop to communal on-site weaving projects.


Sunday Garden Work Party

July 13, 9-11am

Keeping it early in the day before heat gets too intense, come assist in  early summer harvest of various weaving fibres and general weeding. Bring a sun hat!

Pollinator House Build

Over three work sessions community members shall assist artist David Gowman in building the pollinator house frame using local bamboo. Learn basic skills of using bamboo including cutting and notching joints, building frames and anchoring the house underground.

Built on site at the Trillium North Park, working either under-cover or outdoors please dress for the weather and bring a snack for workdays that go over the lunch hour. The house frame shall be populated with mason and bumble bees housed in units made by Strathcona School children.

We are thrilled to have children from both Strathcona Elementary School and the After-School Adventures program join us on site for various projects this year- using the space as not just a playground, but also an outdoor education and creative, studio-research lab.

For more info about the following  projects read here

Sunday Feb 22 1-4pm

Wednesday Feb 25 11am-2pm

Friday February 27 11am-2pm

register here to participate on one/more dates-

tickets are free, but space is very limited, please only register if you will come!

Shade Weave Youth Workshops- ages 15-20

Over three sessions youth work with artist David Gowman to weave a unique, large shade canopy at the new Trillium North Park. Using materials such as local bamboo, willow and other woods, participants learn simple joining skills: weaving, lashing, wood carving and tool use in a collaborative environment.

The finished structure will become a shade retreat; an open weave canopy creating dappled shade in the fenced work area outside the green shipping container. Participants leave with the skills to make their own woven forms like fences, garden trellis or sculptural projects.

Note: This workshop series is in collaboration with the RayCam Cooperative Centre, most space is reserved for youth coming from the centre- these limited spaces are for youth from the larger community. Because of the  nature of this workshop and the tools involved completed waiver form is required before participation. This will be emailed out within a week of registration.

Meet David Gowman at RayCam

March 17 11am: David will introduce the project,  and discuss his other ongoing art projects in the community. Free, no registration necessary.

Building/Weaving Workshop Dates:

Saturdays 1-4pm

April 18, April 25, May 2

register to participate on one/more dates

tickets are free, but space is very limited, please only register if you will come!

Installation date

Sunday June 14 1-4pm  register to  help here

Community Work Parties

Once a month- Sundays 1-4pm

Come out one Sunday a month and help weed our eco-art garden beds in Trillium North Park. Learn about the various native plantings that were chosen for specific weaving purposes, meet your neighbours, get your hands in the soil or your fingers weaving! Each date will have seasonally related work, and some creative component linked to the various projects happening on site. We hope these ongoing sessions  will build an understanding of the plants at the park, how they have been traditionally used, as well as establish a sense of stewardship for the park, and its  plantings, within the local community.

Feb 8 task: leaf mulch moved to pollinator house site, beginning rope-making for the pollinator house

March 15 task: weeding, bee related work with Erin from Environmental Youth Alliance, making bamboo roof panels framing

April 12 task: general weeding, cutting tubes for mason bees, finishing roof if needed

May 17 task: planting annual area by street and working on the Earthloom Project or Shade Weave Structure

June 14  task: general garden clean up and assist with preparation for community garden party from 4:30-6:30 pm!  (Raycam youth with David will be  raising the  shade shelter)

Fence Weave 

During March Break with Strathcona March Break Camp:
Weave willow branches in to the fence at Trillium North Park and help local artists create a large art installation around the shipping containers.  We are working outdoors rain or shine- dress for the weather!

Early April with the after school adventures program:

Weaving on the fence- using mostly fresh willow clippings, then an introduction to wool spinning with the drop spindle. A natural dye workshop will colour the yarn that we then take back to the park, and incorporate  into the fence weaving final installation.

Dance Research & Performance        


Join us as Terroir culminates in a dance performance inspired by the shoes we weave from local materials.  Led by fibre artist Sharon Kallis, dancers will make their own shoes using fibres from the land to wear and keep.  In a six-week rehearsal process they will then research personal connection to place and co-create a performance specific to Trillium North Park with dance artist Mirae Rosner.

If you are able to commit to the full schedule of weaving and dance dates and would like to participate in this special opportunity please contact us at earthandgleaners(at)

Shoe Weaving: Trillium North Park
April 27, 28
May 4, 5
530-830 pm

Dance Research: Trillium North Park
Tuesday May 12, 19, 26
Thursday June 4, 11
530-830 pm
June 13
3-6 pm

Garden Celebration

June 14 from 4:30-6:30pm

Join us in celebrating the work created throughout the Urban Cloth project in 2014 and 2015,   tour the different woven structures created and a simple community dance are just a few of the things you might expect!

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