August holidays- but Maker Nights back for September!

August brings an end to the spring and summer maker series for holiday time, but no fear! Joy and Karen will be hosting Maker Nights in September on Mondays  starting after Labour Day weekend.

September 14, 21 and 28 6-8.30pm

Remember- it gets chilly!  bring a sweater or jacket, outdoor lighting will assist us and indoor container space might be called upon should weather not be cooperative for outdoor picnic table work any longer.

Bring a project you have on the go- or help out with flax processing or other community projects. After the 28th, Maker Nights will resume next spring.

You never know what can happen at a  maker social night…our last maker session for July found us helping Tracy Williams with a very special task: blending mountain goat fibre with eagle down, cattail fluff, and other traditional wild fibres and then spinning to assist in her ongoing research into ancestral Squamish methods of clothing production. What a treat!

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About sharonkallis

artist in Vancouver BC, working in the garden with green waste and invasive plant species- rethinking how traditional hand technologies can be paired with unwanted materials for community made contemporary art installations that encourage environmental awareness.
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  1. sharonkallis says:

    Reblogged this on eartHand Gleaners Society and commented:

    An exceptional experience indeed: helping Tracy Williams process and spin mountain goat wool and hair with eagle down and other fibres! eartHand gleaners sure know how to have a good time…


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