Spring Buzzscaping update

Lots of activity happening in the last month at Trillium. Getting our shipping containers kitted up for storage and work…

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And activating the space building the pollinator house!

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And time spent so far making our outdoor work space feel less institutional- one 9 year old girl who was helping weave the fence said we would look less like chickens in a cage when the weaving was done…

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And signage is now on the fence- letting folks now what we are all about…17-IMG_3705More outdoor work sessions ahead!

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About sharonkallis

artist in Vancouver BC, working in the garden with green waste and invasive plant species- rethinking how traditional hand technologies can be paired with unwanted materials for community made contemporary art installations that encourage environmental awareness.
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2 Responses to Spring Buzzscaping update

  1. sharonkallis says:

    Reblogged this on Sharon Kallis and commented:

    most of my time lately has been spent at Trillium North- happy to have this new space- so close to home- that I can walk to and have as an outdoor community garden and studio!


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